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NESS X-Country League – Harwich

25th November 2018 @ 10:45 am
East Newhall Farm
CO12 5NH

LOCATION – Please note the race course is only open to runners on race day as it is located on privately owned land. East Newhall Farm map reference 213313.   The post code for use with satnavs is CO12 5NH.

CAR PARKING AT HOME FARM – Car sharing is advised as parking is limited. Turn left off the A120 onto B1352 at the Ramsey roundabout. Follow the B1352 out of the village for 1km. Car parking stewards will direct you to park at Home Farm on the left at the top of hill. The car park is a 5 minute walk from the Race HQ and start line.

This year there will also be limited parking at the Race HQ at the end of Ray Lane. Ray Lane forms part of both the adult and junior races so please be aware that if you park at the Race HQ you will not be able to leave until after the adult race has finished. Ray Lane will be closed at 9.45 before the start of the junior race.

THE VENUE, HQ ETC. – The course is based around the arable farm of East Newhall. Please keep to the course and don’t walk on the crops.

The course is a new route covering two loops, first loop about 2 miles and the second loop being 3 miles. Sections of the course are along a stony track which could make the use of spikes difficult. The course includes grassy tracks, cultivated field edges and hill sections.

The Race HQ is in a barn with portable toilets available near the start line. Runners are advised to leave non-essentials in their cars as there is no changing area and no showering facility. A small area in the barn can be used to accommodate some gear but no security is provided. The start and finish will be in the Race HQ area where First Aid and refreshments will be located. A free drink will be given to all runners and other refreshments and cakes will be for sale.

Runners are reminded to hand in their finishing discs immediately after the race so that club representatives can get the scoring sheets handed in promptly. There will be a sign identifying where the results should be handed in. The team results sheets need to be clearly written with the full name of the runner. Club representatives are reminded that only the sheet showing the scorers needs to be handed in initially. The sheet listing all club members running should be handed in to Peter Gooding who will be located at the Race HQ. This sheet must be handed in with a cheque, made payable to Harwich Runners, at the results desk. These sheets are available from the web site,