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News: 2nd March 2014

Someone told me Friday was officially the last day of winter, well if that’s so, glad to see the back of what has been the wettest recorded winter on record. Lets look forward to a long, hot summer!

As I write, Carol Atkins has a small band of HRR on their way to Bath to compete in the Half Marathon, good luck to all!

Last weekend the 53-12 X-Country season came to an end at Hadleigh, Suffolk. We managed to finish in 3rd position in our pool, a great effort from all the runners who have taken part over the winter. We are one of the clubs who were there at the start of the league  20+ years ago, Andy Carter will give you more info, so lets try and get promoted next year into the big boys division!

The results for our Cross Country Runner of the year has been more closely contested than of previous years, all going down to the last race. I won’t spoil your fun, full results and tables will be published (when verified!) shortly.

The Trail season is now upon us! If you have not participated in one of these races, please try at least one. They are a great stamina builder and you get to run in the countryside along footpaths and trails you probably didn’t know existed! Look on our calendar for local trail races, there are plenty coming up. If you want more info about trail running, Andy Carter, Mike Grealy, Don English are all veterans at this form of race – please ask any of them, you will get hooked!

Next week is The Essex 20, the first tester for many of you that are running our Marathon this year. Run well, and don’t get injured!