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Continuous Relay – You need A partner of roughly equal ability. One person does a lap at pace before handing over to their partner to do a lap while they rest/recover. the session continues with each partner alternating between effort and recovery until the faster pairs complete the ten laps each runner.

Parloffs – You need A partner of roughly equal ability. Start running in opposite directions using the large lap of bluebridge. One person runs at a fast pace, the other jogs at recovery pace. Each tine you meet, you swap what you are doing either accelerating to run fast or slowing to recovery pace. The session finishes when the faster have completed eight laps.

Repetitions You need a stopwatch for this one. You will complete six laps of Bluebridge or Conies road/White Horse Avenue with one minute recovery between each. the aim is to do each lap in exactly the same time. this session is about maintaining a consistent racing pace.

Hill Sprints – This is one of the best stamina building sessions. Sprint to the top of the hill then jog back down. Sprint halfway up the hill then jog back down. Continue to alternate between the long hill/short hill effort/recovery until the faster runners have completed ten of each.

Fartlek – This is the lamp post session at Bluebridge. Run anti clockwise, counting the lamp posts on your left, sprint for two lamp posts and jog for one. Continue like this for three laps then jog one complete recovery lap. you then do another three laps of sprinting for two lamp posts and recovering for one.

Pyramids – On the track this session consists of a series of efforts and recoveries where the distance of the effort increases from 200m to 400m,800m,1600m and then back down again 800m,400m,200m but with a constant 200m jog recovery. It can be adapted to a shorter session by going from 100m,200m,400m to 800m and back down. At bluebridge it works by using the small, medium and large laps with a small lap recovery.

Jack & Jill – You will need a partner of roughly equal ability. Starting from the middle of the hill, each partner will run at effort in opposite directions (one up the hill and one down). When each partner gets to the marker, they recover back to the middle. When at the middle (each partner should hopefully arrive at the same time), run at effort again to the marker (carry on in the same direction, as that way each partner should have an equal number of efforts up and down the hill) and recover back. This will commence for a set period of time (usually 20-25 minutes).

Mixed Ability Team Relay – With teams of 3 (Slow, Medium and Fast runner) run 2 laps at the slowest persons effort pace, they then drop out and the remaining 2 runners do another 2 laps at the medium persons effort pace who then drops out and the fastest runner completes the last 2 laps at their effort pace.

Meet & Retreat – You will need a partner of mixed ability. Start running in opposite directions using the large lap of Bluebridge at effort pace and when you meet turn round. When you meet again, jog on the spot for 1 minute to recover then repeat for 15/20 minutes depending on the effort session to follow.

Figure of Eight – Sprint large loop of Bluebridge and recover small loop. Change direction on the whistle.

Mixed Pair Loops – You will need a partner of mixed ability. Start running in opposite directions using the large lap of Bluebridge. One person runs at effort pace and the other at recovery pace. When you meet switch from effort to recovery and recovery to effort but maintain the same direction.

Mini Hill Sprints with Laps – Using one of the hills at bluebridge, you will sprint up and recover down 5 times. Then at 80% effort you will run the large lap, recover up and down the hill and repeat 3 times!

Kenyan Hills – Run up and down hill at effort, keeping the same pace for 10 minutes. Standing recovery for 3 minutes and repeat.

Sprint Finish – At marathon pace run the large lap of Bluebridge 3 times followed by 2 medium laps at 10k pace and finish with 1 small lap at sprint pace. Use small loop after each lap to recover.

Parloff Relay – In pairs of similar ability and using the medium loop of Bluebridge, partners will start at opposite sides. Partner ‘A’ then runs at effort to meet partner ‘B’. Partner ‘B’ then runs at effort to meet partner ‘A’ who has recovered across the infield. Repeat for 20 minutes.

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