Charlotte takes on Cardiff

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Charlotte takes on Cardiff

This weekend saw the ever popular Cardiff half marathon in Wales. Attracting  25,000 entrants, it is now the second largest half marathon in the UK after the Great North Run and is also the Commonwealth Championship Half Marathon.

Conditions in the Welsh Capital were perfect and Halstead Road Runner Charlotte May took to the Cardiff streets after 4 months of hard training to complete her first Half Marathon in an impressive 2hrs 21minutes.

Across the pond Nicole and James Smith were rubbing shoulders with Mo Farah in the Chigaco Marathon. The heavens opened in the early part of the race but this didn’t affect the huge numbers of supporters lining the route. Nicole Smith finished her second World Marathon Major in three weeks in 4hrs 45minutes and husband James finished in 2hrs 57minutes, his 4thsub 3 hour marathon this year… only 52 minutes behind the main man Mo!

Elsewhere saw John Warne take on the first of the 10 in 10 Great Barrow challenge completing his first 2 marathons in 4hrs 55minutes and 4hrs 58minutes respectively.  Treena Harrington visited the sunny seaside town of Southend on Sunday to run the annual Southend 10k and completed the course in 53 minutes and 3 seconds.