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Hardcore HRR

Despite indulging at the HRRChristmas drinks Saturday night, there were quite a few Road Runners at the Notthe Flitch Switch trail from The Chequers in Felsted organised by Essex Trail Events on Sunday. There were two distance options – the 9.5 mile coursewhich Steve May completed in 1:17 placing 13th.  Then a 5.5mile which a large group of Charlotte May, Meg Hollinshead, Anna Bambridge,Lauren Hutley, Rachael Roughan and Dan Roughan completedin 1:07.  Sandi Robinson-Miller also completed the shorter routeand finished 4th lady in 53:07.  The course wasa great looped run which involved lots of mud, some steep steps, a ditchand two shorts bursts along the Flitch Way.

Rob and Sarah Frost tag teamed again at the Princess Cracker, the sister race of, and a more challenging course than, last week’s Prince Pie. Rob finished in 3rd and Sarah in 15th overall and 8th lady.

John Warne completed his 20th marathon of the year at the Hare and Tortoise Rayne Deer 6 hour event also on the Flitch Way.  John managed 26.68 miles (8 laps with each lap being 5.3 km) in 5:23.

Most interesting race of the week has to go to Juan de Gea who did his first ever mountain race in his home town of Cehegin, Spain.  It was the 5th National Championships with the best trail runners competing to get a place in next year’s World Championships.  Juan completed the 14.6 miles, 3760 ft elevation gain in 3 hours 17 minutes.