Note from Andy – Summer Handicap Series

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Note from Andy – Summer Handicap Series

Final results attached HERE, another successful season, next up, cross country!!

Some interesting stats….Nicole Smith had a fantastic series, extending her winning lead to minus 15:56 with a great 5m at Henny. Caroliena Cameron’s 2nd place minus 11:09 was an improvement on times set in 2002-2005, no mean feat for a Mum of three! Mick Purkiss took 3rd place from Richard Candler at the last race, finishing with minus 10:44 Jim Clark was another standout performer with the 3rd fastest cumulative time, behind those Springfield Striders boys, so he was effectively fastest 1st claim Halstead Road Runner.

20 runners recorded minus times, 14 plus times and 41 runners managed at least one race at each distance. We averaged 41 runners per race with no fewer than 72 runners completing at least one race! Tony Bird, John Markham, Paul Frindle, Wendy Carter, Maurice Young, Brian Hastings, Brian Collins & Andy Wilmot were the only runners this year who recorded times in the first series in 1992 (I didn’t make that list as, guess what, I was busy organising the whole thing and bossing people about – no change there then!)